Frequently Asked Questions

faq-img1It usually takes about 6 weeks as the car goes through a pre-inspection service (one week) and thereafter the shipping vessel typically takes about 4 weeks to reach most ports in Africa. Another one week is required to clear your car from the port.

We have a fully-fledged office in Nairobi, Kenya to serve mainly our East African customers.  Please come and meet our team at Village Market Nairobi. We would be delighted to meet you and help you to import your next car.


Insurance can be purchased upon your request during order process for extra charge. It gives you the opportunity to secure your shipment while at sea. Insurance in Some countries like Kenya is mandatory


All payments must be made in either Sterling pounds or US Dollars by bank transfer.
Payments must be made within 2 business days from the INVOICE date. We accept local currencies in countries where we have an agency like Kenya (KSH)


We have highly professional staff that personally inspects the cars. Before we ship, they ensure if they are of correct description and condition. inspections like JEVIC are also mandatory when shipping cars to certain countries. Its also important to ensure that all cars undergo the main inspection for UK cars


Shipping companies require that full information be provided. The BL is an official document that determines/proves the owner of the cargo and, therefore, the Consignee’s full name and address, as written on his/her passport or ID must be used.

Your booking will be delayed by the shipping company if the consignee’s full name and address are not provided. Complete information must be provided.
The consignee’s name cannot have any spelling mistakes. Even the smallest error can be subject to a BL amendment, which may cost you additional fees and time.


In most cases, we will send your documents via DHL. This is the required information you provide so that we can mail your documents, including your B/L by DHL courier. Please provide the full name of the recipient, full address (without any abbreviations), and phone number(s).

Please be warned that incomplete information may delay the dispatch of your documents.

faq-img1Roll On Roll off is used to describe the method by which vehicles are driven on board to the ship and eventually driven off when being taken off the ship. It is usually the most preferred way of shipping vehicles from the UK to many other countries as its very cost effective. RoRo ships are designed to ferry cars under the deck and thus away from the elements. Vehicles are then lashed to the floor of the ship to prevent movement during shipping. Think of the Ship as a Huge Underground Floating Car Park. We offer services from Tilbury, Immingham, Southampton and Sheerness to other ports worldwide. RoRo ships depart twice a month
faq-img120 Ft or 40ft Containers are used. This is the most secure  way to export cars Container shipping is also suitable for newer cars and personal items since it ensures safe shipping and theft is limited. Container shipping is provided through the ports of Tilbury and Felixstowe

Every country has its own requirements when it comes to car importation.

The following are the country specific requirements



Used UK cars are very popular in Kenya and the demand keeps on increasing


  • Vehicles with less than 8 years of manufacture can be imported into Kenya.
  • Vehicles have to be Right Hand Drive. Both RO/RO & Container shipping services accepted.
  • KEBS approved inspection of vehicles. This is usually done by QISJ and Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC).
  • Marine Insurance is mandatory.

Original documents that are needed for clearing a vehicle at the port includes:

  • Certificate of Permanent Export or Vehicle Registration Document.
  • Bill of Lading.
  • CIF Invoice.
  • Import Declaration Form obtained from Customs.
  • Authentic Original Logbook from country of origin.

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