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Auto Car Exporters- ACE

We started out originally by selling our vehicles on AutoTrader UK. With time we realised that most of our customers were sending their cars overseas and they wanted a seamless process that included sourcing, preshipment inspection, freight and ultimately clearing and fowarding.

By giving our customers exceptional service we grew our base and started exporting to many other countries. The countries include but are not limited to the following DR Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Somali, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, UAE, SriLanka, Guyana, Jamaica, New Zealand

Overtime we have realised that our clients want an enjoyable, stress free experience and we have strived to exceed their expectations. We’ve specialised in export for more than five years and have learned immensely. But our aim is the same; to deliver a first class purchase and importing service to each of our customers.

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